Перевод bros before hoes

Перевод bros before hoes

  • Английский (американский вариант)
  • Традиционный китайский (Гонконг) Практически свободно говорящий
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  • Английский (американский вариант)
  • Традиционный китайский (Гонконг) Практически свободно говорящий
  • Упрощенный китайский (Китай) Практически свободно говорящий

  • Английский (американский вариант)
  • Традиционный китайский (Гонконг) Практически свободно говорящий
  • Упрощенный китайский (Китай) Практически свободно говорящий

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Bros Before Hoes

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Your friend’s pissed, lost and scared and just asked you for a lift but your girlfriend’s telling you to blow him off. What do you do? Ditch her of course.

This trope refers to the concept of putting friends before a romantic interest, with the idea that love is fleeting, but True Companions are forever.


«Chicks before dicks» is picking up steam as the feminine version. «Sisters before misters» or «Bows before bros» works too. «Pals before gals» is the G rated version.


  • Ao no Flag has a rare opposite sex friendship variant. Mami Yagihara, a girl who was tired of romantic drama and wanted a solid platonic friendship with guys, ended up fast friends with her classmate Shingo. One day, he was found beaten up by the guys in class, one of whom decided to confess to Mami. While she’s initially touched, she puts two and two together and realizes those boys found Shingo a romantic threat and bullied him so he’d say away from Mami—and rejects the boy wholesale, decking him in the face for it along the way.
  • Zig-zagged in Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts with the FFF: a bunch of single guys who can’t get dates and will hunt down anyone else who gets any luck with girls because they want everyone to know how it feels to be alone.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Quite literally when Kaoru gives up on his romantic feelings for Haruhi so that his brother, Hikaru, can realise his feelings for her so that he might learn to grow to be a little more independent.
  • Soul Eater: Soul and Black Star. Though not just hoes; anything really.
  • Wolf’s Rain: Bros before total and utterbetrayal.
  • Berserk: A panel of Sirs Owen and Laban greeting each other has acquired via Memetic Mutation the caption «Brethren Before Wenches.» Canonically, neither shows much interest in wenches in general.
    • Kind-of inverted with Casca, who tells Guts she cannot go with him because Griffith, crippled for life, needs her more. She even tries to convince Guts to not stay with her when he offers to.
  • Throughout their lives in My Love Story!!, Gentle Giant Takeo has seen the girls he likes prefer his buddy Suna, only for Suna to always reject them. The reason: All those girls would badmouth Takeo behind his back. Takeo would frequently return the favor, in particular going to be with Suna when his father’s in the hospital, even though it meant abandoning a birthday date with his girlfriend (after Suna had insisted he go). The aforementioned girlfriend later shows up at the hospital as well, having made a garland of origami cranes for Suna’s father.
  • During the Culture Festival arc in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Kashiwagi forgoes dancing with her boyfriend Tsubasa at the bonfire to spend time with Maki instead. When Maki asks why, Kashiwagi simply responded that she cares more for her best friend than him.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets has the eponymous quintuplets all trying to be in the same group as Fuutarou for their school trip. then Fuutarou reveals that he’s already formed a group with his male classmates. Fans coined the phrase «bros before quints» in response.
  • In «Jimmy Olsen’s Wedding», Jimmy dreams about being married to Lucy Lane, only for her to keep harassing him about his bond with Superman at every turn. When Jimmy awakens, he essentially tells her that if it comes down to a choice between her and his pal, she can expect to lose.
  • A French comic adaptation of The Epic of Gilgamesh has Enkidu have a worrying dream, and goes to Gilgamesh’s room to talk about it. On seeing him busy with two women, he hesitates, but Gilgamesh immediately kicks the girls out, even asking them what the hell they’re still doing them when his blood-brother wants to speak with him.
  • The female-solidarity version happens twice in Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars. First Cake upsets her adopted sister Fionna by failing to respond when a member of her otherwise all-male gaming club insults her. Later, when Cake is playing Prince Gumball, one of Fionna’s potential love interests, Gumball suggests that this might create a conflict of loyalty for Fionna, but Fionna absolutely denies this.
  • Red Ears: Downplayed when a guy catches his wife in bed with his best friend. They’re not even really angry at each other, and decide to settle the dispute over a card game instead of fisticuffs. Just to keep it interesting, the best friend suggests they put in 10 bucks on the side.
  • Wonder Woman: There are across all iterations a small subset of the Amazons who believe in sisters before misters so strongly that an Amazon spending any time with a male loved one when she could be doing something for her «sisters» is seen by them as a terrible betrayal.
  • Secret Six: When Deadshot is forced to choose between his girlfriend Jeanette and his best friend Catman, he picks Catman. Instantly. Multiple times.
  • The Mass EffectKink Meme gives us this. To say more would be to spoil it.
  • Homestuck fanworks have given us the phrase «rails before pails».
  • Simon repeats this phrase over and over to himself after he sees Kamina kissing Yoko in the satire of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Coeur Al’Aran’s Dating What Daddy Hates RWBY: Part of the reason Weiss chooses Sun to be her fake boyfriend is because of this; since Sun’s friend Neptune is interested in Weiss, she knows he won’t try to make things weird. Likewise, Sun is interested in Weiss’ friend Blake. However, when Neptune realizes that Weiss and Sun do have real chemistry, he is quick to tell Sun that he should go for it. Weiss and Neptune haven’t been on a single date, so Neptune doesn’t have any real claim on her. On the other side of things, Yang tells Weiss to go for it because Blake mostly sees Sun as a Dogged Nice Guy and isn’t really going to mind if Weiss ends up dating him instead.
  • In Open Season it is phrased as the PG-friendly «bros before does.»
  • Subverted in the Disney film The Three Caballeros where the theme song is all about «bros» until this verse: «Through fair and stormy weather / We stand close together / Like books on a shelf / And pals though we may be / When some Latin baby / Says yes, no, or maybe / Each man is for himself!»
  • A Boy and His Dog: When Blood is dying from thirst and starvation, Quilla tries to convince Vic to abandon him. Instead Vic kills and cooks Quilla for Blood’s lunch; it doesn’t get any more bros before hoes than that.
  • Someone Great has the «chicks before dicks» variation; Blair is reluctant to admit her feelings for Matt because he used to date her good friend Jenny.
  • In Transformers: Sam’s friend protests («Bros before hoes!») to no avail as he is ejected from the car to make room for Mikeala.
  • Con Air: While Cyrus’s gang refuel the plane, one of them is sent to hide the transponder on another plane. In the hangar he meets a female mechanic and is so busy talking to her that he misses the take and is shot while trying to catch up, explicitly dying because he chose to stay with the woman instead of returning to the bros.
  • Saw 3D has two men in a trap with a woman who’s been bedding them both and having them steal to get her what she wanted. One of the three will be killed by the trap, while the other two will survive. The two men initially compete against each other to get the other man killed, when the woman makes the fatal mistake of cheering one on and saying she never loved the other. At that point, they both realise she was playing them for fools and decide she’s not worth it, before letting the trap kill her. Bros before hoes, graphically portrayed.
  • A rather extreme version from Clint Eastwood’s Bronco Billy:

Those who’ve seen us
Know that not a thing can come between us
Many men have tried to split us up
But no one can.

Pity the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
And pity the sister
Who comes between me and my man!


bros before hoes

1 сначала друзья, а телки потом

2 ordering before storing

3 storing before ordering

4 (= before)

5 (сокр . от) income before tax = прибыль до налогообложения, доход до налогов, доход до уплаты налогов

6 A Mean Time Before Fixing

7 A bomb that drives into an airstrip before exploding, making repairs much more difficult

8 ASCII Adjust before Division

9 Ante Christum (before Christ)

10 Ante Cibum — before meals

11 Ante Meridiem, before noon

12 BLock Error Rate Before

13 Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

14 Before Babel Brigade

15 Before Before Christ

16 Before Big Bucks

17 Before Bottom Dead Centre

18 Before Breaking Bulk (freight)

19 Before Cable

20 Before Campaigning Retain an Attorney

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