Памперс перевод на русский

Памперс перевод на русский

Pamper — Pam per, v. t. [imp. & p. p. ; p. pr. & vb. n. .] [Cf. LG. pampen, slampampen, to live luxuriously, pampe thick pap, and E. pap.] [1913 Webster] 1. To feed to the full; to feed luxuriously; to glut; as, to pamper the body or… … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

pamper — PÁMPER PÉIMPĂR/ s. n. scutec absorbant. (< engl. pamper) Trimis de raduborza, 15.09.2007. Sursa: MDN … Dicționar Român

pamper — [pam′pər] vt. [ME pampren < LowG source, akin to Fl pampren in the same sense] 1. Obs. to feed too much; gratify to excess; glut 2. to be overindulgent with; give in easily to the wishes of; coddle [to pamper a child] SYN. INDULGE pamperer n … English World dictionary

pamper — index pander Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 … Law dictionary

pamper — (v.) late 14c., to cram with food, probably from Middle Dutch (Cf. W.Flem. pamperen cram with food, overindulge; dialectal Ger. pampen to cram ), probably from frequentative of root of PAP (Cf. pap) (q.v.). Meaning to overindulge first attested… … Etymology dictionary

pamper — *indulge, humor, spoil, baby, mollycoddle Analogous words: gratify, tickle, regale, *please: fondle, pet, cosset, *caress, dandle Antonyms: chasten … New Dictionary of Synonyms

pamper — [v] serve one’s every need, whim baby, caress, cater to, coddle, cosset, dandle*, fondle, gratify, humor, indulge, mollycoddle*, overindulge, pet, please, regale, satisfy, spare the rod*, spoil, spoil rotten*, tickle, yield; concepts 136,295 Ant … New thesaurus

pamper — ► VERB ▪ indulge (someone) with a great deal of attention and comfort; spoil. ORIGIN originally meaning «cram with food»: probably from Low German or Dutch … English terms dictionary

pamper — [[t]pæ̱mpə(r)[/t]] pampers, pampering, pampered VERB If you pamper someone, you make them feel comfortable by doing things for them or giving them expensive or luxurious things, sometimes in a way which has a bad effect on their character. [V n]… … English dictionary

pamper — UK [ˈpæmpə(r)] / US [ˈpæmpər] verb [transitive] Word forms pamper : present tense I/you/we/they pamper he/she/it pampers present participle pampering past tense pampered past participle pampered to look after someone very well, especially by… … English dictionary

pamper — transitive verb (pampered; pampering) Etymology: Middle English, probably of Dutch origin; akin to Dutch dialect pamperen to pamper Date: 14th century 1. archaic to cram with rich food ; glut 2. a. to treat with extreme or excessive care and… … New Collegiate Dictionary



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Pampers — is a brand of baby products marketed by Procter Gamble worldwide. Pampers was at one time only used as a name for a disposable diaper. Pampers Diapers come in sizes going all the way up to Size 7. The smallest size is Preemie which is for… … Wikipedia

Pampers — Тип Public … Википедия

Pampers — est une marque de couche culotte appartenant à Procter Gamble. Le nom vient du verbe pamper qui, en anglais, signifie dorloter, chouchouter, choyer. Historique[1] La couche culotte jetable fut inventée par l ingénieur chimiste Victor Mills (1897… … Wikipédia en Français

pampers — I <><>rz. mnż I, D. a, Mc. pamperssie <><> rodzaj pieluszki z majteczkami do jednorazowego użytku <od nazwy firmowej> <><> <> <> <>pampers II <><>rz.… … Langenscheidt Polski wyjaśnień

Pampers — ☆ Pampers [pam′pərz ] trademark for disposable diapers of soft, absorbent paper with an outer covering of thin plastic * * * … Universalium

pampers — (angl.) [pron. pémpărs] s. m., pl. pamperşi Trimis de gall, 12.01.2009. Sursa: DOOM 2 … Dicționar Român

Pampers — ☆ Pampers [pam′pərz ] trademark for disposable diapers of soft, absorbent paper with an outer covering of thin plastic … English World dictionary

Pampers — Stoffwindeln Die Windel ist ein körpernah eingesetzter Saugkörper zur Aufnahme von Urin und Kot. Windeln gibt es in allen Größen und sie können daher von Menschen jeden Alters verwendet werden. Die häufigsten Anwender sind allerdings Säuglinge… … Deutsch Wikipedia

Pampers — Pam|pers trademark a type of ↑nappy for babies, which is thrown away after being used, sold in the US and the UK … Dictionary of contemporary English

Pampers — n. brand of disposable diaper manufactured by Procter Gamble … English contemporary dictionary

pampers — pam·per || pæmpÉ™(r) n. disposable diaper, diaper that is designed for a single use v. spoil, indulge someone s desires, coddle, treat with extreme kindness … English contemporary dictionary

pampers — is. <xüs.> Sidikhopduran … Azərbaycan dilinin izahlı lüğəti

pampers — n.m. (Nom déposé) Couche culotte … Le dictionnaire des mots absents des autres dictionnaires

Памперс — Pampers торговая марка компании Procter Gamble, под которой выпускаются детские подгузники и влажные салфетки. Нарицательное название одноразового подгузника. Абсорбер в задней части струйного принтера, куда сливаются чернила от очистки сопла … Википедия

List of non-English generic and genericized trademarks — This list is about generic and genericized trademarks in languages other than English . For English, see List of generic and genericized trademarks. : Cite references by quoting mainline publications using the trademark generically The following… … Wikipedia


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